Long-year partners and networks of SERENOS that will extend your business activities. Continous open eyes for new business opportunities.


Finding Customers

Extend your sales without addtional sales employees. We find new customers for you.

Projects are only successful with experienced contractors and staff. We have a lot of them in our networks

Project Services

Finding B2B Partners

We help you to find fitting business partners in your industry.

Industry Know-how

Use the knowledge and experience of our network.

International Services

We know excellent companies that support you in other companies.

Finding opportunities

Get feedback on your business activities. Get sales coaching. We help you to define additional business opportunities.



We ASK for your needs and define your requirements.



We PROMOTE your requirements and check our networks and the market


We OFFER you business opportunities and CONNECT you for starting your business.



We extend your business range in finding appropriate customers and business partners without extending your internal costs for employees. We only receive payment once a sale has been completed and in form of a commission which was agreed together. In case of larger marketing activities, monthly fees are a further option for partnerships.


Provision based contracts are very cost saving business tools for companies. Whereas consultants always need to be payed - independent of their success, SERENOS will be payed when a deal is successful. This helps you to grow faster and with less costs. Reduce your risks by outsourcing sales activities and have full control over your costs.

Agent services on basis of commissions


SERENOS is an indispensable contact for growing firms. With its network, new markets can be opened up with limited risk. Keep your organisational sales structure flat.

Long standing customer relationships


Investing in relationsships takes time and costs money. Save time by using the services of SERENOS.


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